Hope Search And Rescue


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News Release
Mario Levesque

17 Nov 2015 at 1145hr, Hope Search and rescue was called for a MVI by the RCMP for a logging truck down 2,000ft embankment on Nickel Mine Rd after a road wash-out, creeks to powerful to attempt to get to search. Wednesday morning, Valley Helicopter was called to assist with a flight over the area to ensure that HSAR and Chilliwack personnel safety to enter. A GEO Technician was called in to do a survey and after getting the go ahead from a GEO Technician HSAR entered the search area and darkness imputed the search due to very uneven ground.  RCMP avalanche dogs were brought in to confirm our finding and the team resumed the recovery. The dig was hard and members had to deal with bolder of various size, logs and other debris. Members had to clear debris in order to get to the truck can and were hand digging inside the cab. Thursday a mini-excavator was airlifted in to remove larger size debris and dig around the cab.  The Coroner was called in and the 61-year-old truck driver was removed from the area and brought off Nickel Mine Rd. On Friday and Saturday Kent Harrison SAR was brought in to assist with the call.

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