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Current Conditions in the Coastal Fire Centre

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News Release
Mario Levesque

7/16/2014 4:15 PM The Coastal Fire Centre continues to be busy with a number of lightning strikes in the Fraser Valley. There were over 160 lightning strikes in the area resulting in 16 fires.

As of noon on July 17, 2014, all open burning (including campfires, Category 2 open fires and Category 3 open fires) will be prohibited in all areas of the Coastal Fire Centre except the �fog zone� and Haida Gwaii. This prohibition applies to campfires and open burning of any size or description, including fires with a burn registration number and industrial burning. The use of fireworks, burning barrels, tiki torches and sky lanterns is also not permitted.

The Pemberton Valley is experiencing high levels of smoke travelling from the interior and other large fires within the Coastal Fire Centre.
We will continue to experience hot, dry conditions for the next few days. We ask that everyone be cautious, abide by the prohibitions in place and when you see a fire -- report it. To report a fire call:
800-663-5555 or *5555.

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