Hope Search And Rescue

25/08/2013 Horseman rescued by Hope Search and Rescue near Tulameen Forest Service Road

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News Release
Mario Levesque

Hope Search and Rescue was called by BCAS to assist a male who had been thrown off his horse 8 km up the mountain near Tulameen Forest Service Road. We took our ATVs to the top of the trail where we found the patient and his wife along with their horses. The patient was lying on his side with injuries to shoulder and ribs. Kent Harrison SAR attended with their side by sides and it was determined that it was too dangerous to try with those, they escorted the wife and horses down the mountain. It was decided to bring in 442 Squadron Helicopter to evacuate the patient but after 2 attempts, inclement weather was moving in and they were unable to approach the rescue area. The patient was stable and communicating so we bunkered down for the night, insured he was warm through the night as it was pouring rain, cold and windy. At daybreak we received word that Chilliwack SAR Team was called in for Mutual Aid, their HETs team flown by Valley Helicopter was on route as well as 442 Sqn was going to make another attempt. Chilliwack’s team arrived on scene and assisted us packaging the patient and was preparing to remove the patient when the 442 Sqn arrived on scene and it was determined by BCAS that 442 Sqn was our best approach. The patient was then lifted out and taken to Abbotsford Regional Hospital. We then trekked back down to scene gathering area, packed up and left for Hope. Hours of resource utilized – 105:00

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