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Skiers Caught in Avalanche Needle Peak

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News Release
Barry Gannon

Three skiers had to be rescued on Saturday afternoon after two were caught in an avalanche near Needle Peak off the Coquihalla Highway.

Hope Search and Rescue (S&R) received a call at noon from the Hope RCMP, and S&R then contacted the Ministry of Transportation to get approval if it’s safe terrain for the team to go up.

Once approval was given, Hope S&R called Chilliwack S&R for mutual aid.

The helicopter team did a quick scan of the area and then used a long line to send rescuers down to help the skiers.

The experienced skiers were wearing inflatable vests. One skier was able to get out of the way when the avalanche started, but the other two were caught.

S&R teams were able to get all three people out safely.

One skier had serious facial injuries and was air-lifted to hospital in Hope. The other two skiers were not injured.

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